We Work as a Team

At Speedway Constructors, our professional staff is ready to serve as your construction cost engineers, schedulers, and consultants. Our professionals come from different fields and have varied construction experience and knowledge. That’s what a great team is all about – each person performing his/her job to the best of their ability thereby creating an amazing project for each of our clients.

Budgets & Cost Planning

Each project needs an accurate budget, and Speedway Constructors bases our project budgets on many years of real world experience. Cost planning is used for efficiency, materials, employee expertise needs, and to avoid repeat work and excessive costs.

Keeping it Under Control

Cost control is the act of monitoring, evaluating, and trimming expenditures where needed. It is a continuous process that takes place throughout the project. Cost control is important for all businesses and exceedingly important for small businesses that have limited time and budgets. Defining value first allows Speedway Constructors to see where there may be waste – in time, materials, and repetition or overlap in duties.


The City of San Diego, Bradford Airport Logistics, and North County Transit District are just a few of the companies that trust Speedway Constructors with their business, including cost control. We hope you will join them. Keep in mind that we handle myriad other services as well, including but not limited to:

  • Regulatory approvals
  • Building/Site analysis
  • Program scheduling
  • Construction management
  • Quality control
  • Consulting services
  • Value management