Other benefits of a constructability review are:

  • fewer addendums
  • less delays
  • better understanding of goals
  • less administrative costs for everyone involved

Sure, a constructability review costs money and creates extra work; but the cost and time saved during construction are greater than the cost to perform the review.

It is Speedway Constructors’ expertise that allows our customers to transform their businesses by having a building that encompasses the company’s needs. Our road to achieving high quality construction projects is to make solid decisions based on the facts of the job, our expertise, and past experiences. We also strive to identify issues before they occur, and fix any others the instant they arise.

In keeping with Speedway Constructors’ high quality goals, an important part of our service is a Constructability Review. Think about the hundreds of workers who use the construction documents to do their job. Thorough, comprehensive, planning is the foundation of construction and that’s where the Constructability Review comes in. Speedway Constructors prefers to solve issues before construction begins so they don’t develop into costly complications and project delays. Our experts analyze the documents with respect to all aspects of the project to identify possible conflicts among the documents.

Constructability reviews are only one of many professional services Speedway Contractors provides. We also handle:

  • Regulatory approvals
  • Site analysis
  • Program scheduling
  • Construction management
  • Value management
  • Consulting services
  • Quality control
  • And more

If you have a project that needs top quality service and performance that only a professional company with decades of experience can provide, contact Speedway Constructors today.