Every Job a Success

To ensure an ideal site for construction or a successful building renovation, Speedway Constructors has the ability to prepare an analysis for each client. This process measures a building’s performance compared to its design. For example:

  • mechanical system operations
  • energy efficiency
  • ventilated facade studies
  • lighting analysis
  • internal and external Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) airflow
  • solar analysis

This type of analysis gives Speedway Constructors an opportunity to modify system operations to improve a building’s performance. We use the latest analysis software to determine that a building and its location are working in tandem to give our clients everything they need from the project while also fulfilling environmental and construction codes.

Safety is Key

Thorough Research

Always One Step Ahead

Because Speedway Contractors puts so much emphasis on employee and subcontractor safety, another benefit of a site analysis is that we are able to evaluate the site layout for any safety concerns. The building site analysis is an important part of our building process and all zoning and building permits, and any other paperwork can be researched before construction or renovation begins.

Speedway Constructors will then focus in on the neighborhood and evaluate any existing and/or projected property zoning. Other areas Speedway Constructors researches are:

  • Aestheticsviews from the site itself and views of the site from the street and other buildings.
  • Climateknowing the types of weather an area has is extremely helpful when deciding what types of materials should be used to ensure safety and long life of the building and its occupants.
  • Circulationpedestrian and vehicular traffic patterns
  • Demographicsinformation on population density, age, family size, etc. is indispensible.
  • Legal – description of the property, covenants and restrictions, governmental levels or agencies that have jurisdiction over the property.
  • Man-Made Featuresif these items remain, document location and types of walls, fences, curbs, fire hydrants, power poles, etc.
  • Natural Physical Featurestopographic features, drainage patterns, natural features on the site, and soil types at different levels below the surface and the bearing capacity.
  • Utilitieslocation, capacity, and transmission of all utilities

Speedway Constructors is consistently ahead in the construction industry. We use the most updated technology to help us deliver clear, analyzed plans to our employees, subcontractors, and of course our clients. With every job we seek to meet and surpass all government, commercial, community expectations and requirements, as well as provide a building that fulfills our client’s wants and needs.