When it comes to program scheduling, Speedway Constructors uses a combination of technology and 25+ years of construction management knowledge to create a workable schedule that keeps our team on task, on time and on budget.

Always Have a Plan

The critical path method (CPM) is the most widely used technique for scheduling. This scheduling process involves three basic components:

  • developing a list of all tasks
  • assigning durations to each
  • connecting the activities in a logical order

At Speedway Constructors, we believe it is important to have a plan and a timeline that everyone must follow. Whether it is a formal CPM or a combination of resource-oriented and time-oriented scheduling, the main takeaway is that Speedway Constructors will have a solid plan for every project.

Improving Flow

Program scheduling involves assigning deadlines to project activities and matching the equipment, labor, and materials with project tasks throughout the timeline. When done correctly, scheduling can eliminate issues like production bottlenecks by having the correct materials and ensuring the smooth completion of a project. Speedway Constructors keeps its clients informed throughout the project using the latest technology to create schedules and sends updates by e-mail.

Speedway Constructors is a general building contractor and general engineering contractor located in San Diego, California. We hire some of the best employees and professional subcontractors in the business. Whatever your company needs in terms of building, design, cost control, consulting, and quality control, our seasoned professionals will keep you updated every step of the way.