Speedway Constructors is responsible for administering and controlling our warranty policy for all work done. The goals of warranty administration are to:

  • administer warranties in accordance with the applicable contractual warranty terms
  • respond to each customer concerning any warranty claim
  • solve a customer’s issue as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • determine the root causes of warranty claims and correct them

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of the warranties provided by Speedway Constructors are established in the client contract. We are available any time to assist with customer questions concerning applicable terms and conditions of their specific warranty.

Warranty Claims

Speedway Constructors can help you with the warranty claim procedures in your specific contract. Follow the correct procedures to control how warranty claims are handled pursuant to the contract. And of course, we fix the problem.

Upholding Our Reputation

Speedway Constructors takes pride in the excellent work we perform. If we received defective parts from our suppliers or made any errors of our own, we will certainly fix any issues in the most expeditious way possible. We have a reputation for doing fine work and keeping our employees and subcontractors safe on the job. We certainly won’t let anything change that.