For Your Approval

Permits, Inspections, & Compliance

Welcome to Your New Building

Speedway Constructors has thorough knowledge regarding the regulatory approvals needed for any construction project in California. Once we know the type of project we then determine the necessary preapprovals. First and foremost is the zoning approval for construction and if one is required for the land use then we will take care of that, too.

Speedway Constructors does all the time-consuming paperwork and deals with the bureaucracy of each project for our clients. In addition to land use approvals there may be environmental and fire safety approvals needed. No worries, we are well versed in these approvals as well.

Before construction can begin, Speedway Constructors applies for and obtains the all-important building permit. Once construction begins there will also be random or scheduled inspections during the process. At the time we complete construction, there is a final inspection to ensure everything was completed in compliance with all building regulations and conditions set forth in the building permit. Next the water and sewerage authorities give permission for the final water and sewerage connection.

When Speedway Constructors receives the completion certificate and/or occupancy permit, your new building is move-in ready. Throughout the entire process, Speedway Constructors’ clients never need to get involved with any approvals as we take care of obtaining all permits, inspections, and ensuring your project is perfect for your needs, built to the highest quality standards, and with all the necessary paperwork to back it up.

Nothing is left to chance when you work with Speedway Constructors. We take pride in our attention to every detail, our use of top quality materials, our years of expertise, and the safety of everything we build. Contact Speedway Constructors today for all of your construction needs.