Design-Build – One Source

We have clients that want a design-build project, to work with Speedway Constructors instead of a variety of contractors and consultants. In the design-build process, Speedway Constructors will be the sole point of contact to provide all design and construction services. By bringing all our project team members together in the design phase, the design-build approach helps create a stronger partnership among the group.

Many Specialties, One Team

Drawing on our team’s combined knowledge and specialties, Speedway Constructors will address project design and building construction requirements, while staying within the client’s budget and schedule constraints. This way there is less potential to encounter issues. In addition, Speedway Constructors can implement a faster approach for our clients by starting construction before the design is 100% complete. This is important to our clients who need the delivery of a cost-effective, quality facility designed and built on a shortened schedule.

We Do It All

At Speedway Constructors, we work on projects that use both delivery methods. Our team of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) specialists can provide all work required for a design-build project. When a design-assist approach is required, Speedway Constructors’ MEP team can support the Engineers of Records (EORs) and architect to ensure the design development phase runs smoothly and that all clients get the most for their money on each project. So, regardless of the project type your company requires, Speedway Constructors is here to help.

Design-Assist For Specialized Skills

Design-assist contracting is most appropriate when the architect and owner need a highly specialized solution, material or construction application; for example, restoring or reproducing historic elements.

Construction techniques are consistently changing and sometimes becoming more complex. As a result, the construction industry has experts and consultants who are available to help architects and builders with some of the latest intricacies of building with unfamiliar products. The current industry process can sometimes repeat steps and produce inefficiencies, which may cause a project to go over budget and create delays. Design-assist is an effective way that Speedway Constructors can address any unique requirements.